You Live With The Choices You Make, So Choose Wisely

This is a comment in response to an article on the Huffington Post,

                Since when if ever, was making money or being rich such a crime in this so called land of opportunity, liberty, prosperity and freedom. A lot of people here spend a great deal of their lives and their days far away from things like entertainment and mainstream media, they are usually up against the wall, very busy working hard and meticulously investing their time, energy, efforts, planning and resources towards their futures. The last few years have been very tough on a lot of Americans. It is really sad to say that a lot of wealthy American investors have been forced to pay a hefty price for unwise decisions, policies, mismanaged funds and a changing country that has on several fronts become needlessly over regulated, unreliable and unattractive to anyone with a reasonable amount of justified fear, common sense and wisdom. 

               Your main focus should be to commit resources and invest in highly essential priorities like education and infrastructure and make things as feasible and as beneficial as possible to businesses and supporting industries. Your main focus should be to collaborate and work with homegrown industries and facilitate in making America as attractive, productive, yielding and safe as possible for investors and businesses. You can't waste away precious time and resources on unrealistic strategies like excessive governance, short term stimulus, all the pointless projects that go with it  and so many of these highly publicized attempts at job creation. These are sensible steps in the right direction but unfortunately they are not in line with what has made America prosperous historically. At times the environment, sentiments and trends are as such that it feels like you are living in a new country if not an entirely different place altogether. In other words on account of such negligence and complacence the country has needlessly slipped away and changed to such an extent that the average enterprising businessman, wealthy investor and the rest of the best of America's very own by products are all being forced to shy away or flee and find alternatives and a future offshore.  

                  I sincerely hope and wish that people would learn to criticize and examine someone to expose their realistic capacity and abilities to conduct office and to do a reasonable job. Trying to sway or manipulate the emotions of the masses and potential voters based on deliberately disparaging and inaccurate presentations, prejudice and uncivilized passive aggressive hate won't work with the average educated or hardworking American who uses his brain and can think for himself. All this here article proves is that he has done well for himself and his family and is unlike many others who have abandoned ship and forfeited their citizenship. A person like that would succeed no matter what. The only big question off course has to do with his plans for the future and his level of commitment to America and its people. Are they family enough? Regardless of our personal opinions and tastes we must strive to wish all candidates well but the only desperate appeal at this point is to ensure the whole process is unbiased and fair. I know this expectation is perhaps a little too much to ask of some of the sections of the media and the way they are playing their strategies this election. This is understandably big fodder for those who love to sensationalize and extract stories for all they are worth. Please do not forget to engage in a bit of honest journalistic work because it is a part of your moral responsibility and obligation towards this country, its people and their future. There are always great pros and cons to such critical issues. The next four years will definitely be a sensitive phase and a critical turning point for this country. You live with the choices you make. Being sensible, thoughtful and mindful of how you, your actions and what you put out there can impact the outcome is the least that one can expect at this stage.

Again, You Live With The Choices You Make, So Choose Wisely. 
I Wish You All the very Best. God Bless :) 
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan