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Blessed are the Peacemakers

        This a comment in response to an interesting article pertaining to a very important subject seen on . You'll find the original post here.

"It's Not About Religion: A Conversation With Author and Middle East Expert Gregory Harms

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 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." 
~ Matthew 5:9 

             I understand why there is always a perennial chain of thought speculating and theorizing around the facts that visit this subject with time. One can only sincerely appeal to others that they never fail to consider and examine all of the many key multi-billion dollar industries that have vested interests and more subtle agendas. These are well and truly here to stay and are linked from both here in the West to much of the middle east. Off course, there are always serious concerns that need to be addressed with a multi faceted and multi-lateral approach, aside from this both Geo-politics and strategic military advances are merely manipulated fronts and manufactured cases that take care of several interests and self serving benefits. 

Always try to think critically while getting to the roots of why, when and how these destabilizing and volatile social upheavals and turbulence have come about. There is always an intrusive nose searching for opportunities to dominate and enter through the crack and commence with a clearly defined and demarcated cycle of exploitation. 

The big questions: Why Not? Who is to Stop? ~ We are not men we are advanced primates, slaves of our own habits... with a really long... long way to go before we become fully Human. I greatly admire some of the voices coming from the Left here in America, the only problem is they seem to be a little ahead of their time and out of place in world that promotes hate, manipulation and war. We can only prepare with prayers for peace and hope. It is sad indeed how some war mongering monsters can't even do that.

Thoughts & Prayers For Peace, Love and our higher needs as Humanity.


Jai Krishna Ponnappan.

Peace is the Road to Peace

" Peace comes from being able to contribute to Peace. Peace is the way and the road that leads to Peace. Say NO to war, violence and bloodshed. Strive to pursue and stay committed to Peace from both within and without, and you'll find that an Eternity full of it eagerly awaits to greet You. " ~Jai Krishna Ponnappan

This is a comment in response to a post on congressman John Fleming's page,

"Iran renews its vow to remove the "tumor" that is Israel. Will Obama be there to defend our most cherished middle-east ally? "

P.S ~ Both Iranian and Israeli people want Peace with each other! Do not confuse the govt. with the people! People matter.. and Hearts matter most. Peace is what they want and Peace is what they'll get. 


U.S. Representative John Fleming : Jai, the people are not in control of the Iranian army or the development of nukes. Therein lies the problem.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan: Thank You for your reply, John. Looking back at the recent past there are strong and justified reasons why U.S intervention was restricted to being strictly diplomatic, steadily increasing pressure through sanctions and all other possible measures that involve dealing with countries engaged bilaterally with Iran. All other governments concerned are representative and are not authorized or warranted to destabilize the current fiscal or geo-political climate both in and out of the region. Both people and governments would have to be prepared to deal, counter and pay for the inevitable consequences of such interventions and commitments. Strategic, defense and intelligence analysts are already aware of where the West as a whole measures up with regards to the proxy war being lost in Syria. It is never too hard or difficult to simulate or assess the approximate costs or our capacity to deal with a situation or carry out an intervention especially when peace, tactfulness and diplomacy are what our leaders are expected to exhibit and exercise prior to spending from our existing dysfunctional budget and sending our men and women back out into the region to make needless sacrifices that could and should be avoided. The cost of War both Human and otherwise is burdensome and a threat to the long process of restoring this Nation's economic balance and Fiscal integrity. Above all let us not forget that this involves this country, its people, their voices and their immediate and pressing concerns.

Read more about our Fiscal Cliff here,



Wishing You All 
Blessings of Peace, Love and Brotherhood.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan