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Is Japan another Tibet ? Why Thieving Senkaku from Japan isn't all that easy

            This is a comment in response to a well written but hopelessly one sided opinion on The New York Times,

An excerpt from the original entry,

"For months now the waters around Japan have been teeming with territorial disputes, first with South Korea and now with China and Taiwan. The virulence of this latest Chinese-Japanese spat is chilling, and there’s no end in sight.

Neither history nor geography are clear on the complicated ownership of the tiny islets called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China. In this sensitive period of political transitions in both countries, wisdom would have dictated restraint. But in April, Shintaro Ishihara, the influential governor of Tokyo, threatened to buy the disputed islands from their private owners. His taunting forced the normally measured prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, to take a hard stance by announcing the national government’s purchase of the isles."

Ref. "

Is Japan another Tibet ?

        I understand the geography seems quite clear but may be there has been some dust being deliberately kicked up to conveniently rewrite/repaint history. 

        It's really strange and troubling to understand why the author seems to entertain and blindly support the claims by China and Taiwan when the islands have historically been controlled by Japan. It's easy to manufacture a dispute by claiming what belongs to another, it is ridiculous to support, tolerate and promote people who resort to staging and engaging in such devious tactics.

        Given the regime, its ambitions and some serious intelligence leaks, one can't help but make and permanently seal a defensive purchase. This is yet another case of more bullying by China. To much of the international community Tibet remains a forgotten story and a shamelessly neglected Human tragedy. Was is it the same sense of legitimacy that prevailed when they tried to lay claim to Taiwan as well? If it weren't for American intervention, it would have been just another Tibet. Which has led to the Taiwan coast being one of the most heavily fortified coast line in the world.

It's really amazing, amusing and pathetic at times to see just how many here in the West are busy su*king up to the leadership in China.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Bitter Sweet Reforms | A Retail Foreign Direct Invasion in India ?

        This is a comment in response to an article on the Times of India The original post,

" How Sonia Gandhi was persuaded to back reforms. Read here: "

Image Ref.

My response,
                 And now, this is what the first surgical incision looks like ;)
Many of us who have followed the situation with reforms and FDI's for several years are fully aware of who exactly in terms of foreign groups and financial entities have been steadily lobbying, bribing and laying down the pressure to enter into the Indian market space and greatly gain out of it. It is important to note that it won't be easy for local players to even come close to tackling, competing or coexisting with the new competition, it won't be easy either to curb foreign investments from serving as instruments for parasitic economics that will over a period of time, perhaps less than a decade, drain capital permanently away from this country.


Update as of 7th December 2012

          A comment in response to a post seen on cnn ibn,

FDI now the law of the land, Opposition graceless in defeat: Anand Sharma "

Find the original post here,


            Just give it 5-10 years; Parasitic economics and exploitation is nothing but an inevitable reality, it is the only tried and tested strategy that will make an entry with tapping into such a large, promising and unexplored market feasible and highly profitable. Over the last decade or so we have seen several examples of this across smaller markets and weaker economies in Europe. At an estimated $450 billion retail is large enough to guarantee a huge impact in India, especially for all those regional ethnic sub-economies that depend on it as a seasonal driver of growth and stability. I guess time will make it clear to all the naysayers that FDI stands for 'Foreign Direct Invasion' ( Represented by Agents of Economic Imperialism, Remember the East India Company? ) opposed to anything else.


Update as of 9th December 2012

          A comment in response to a follow up on the story as seen on cnn ibn,

"Walmart spent Rs 125 crore on lobbying to enter India: Report"

           Although it is safe not to know the Actual figures (vs. what can be disclosed), $25 million, even in relative terms to many Indians.. is still small change compared to the market space they hope to capture and dominate in the coming future. The big question concerns the impact it will have on 'All Things Local' when they employ their standards and practices out there. ( We've seen how well all the IBMs and Accenture's of the IT world have faired in India for a while now) Again, time will tell, but the interesting question that will remain unanswered and obscure is what exactly prevented them and made them take so long since 2008.  Sadly, I'm sure that for some time to come many of the affected and their families will have to dig deep to the very bottom of their hearts when they think of this large American Brand and those corrupt leaders, Both here and there, along with this rather cheap number, that makes all their miseries possible as their hardships come to life.

As a sincere and frank reminder, 

Dear friends (Concerned Citizens/ Journalists/ General Public), 

          Keep a close watch of this company's policies/ business practices, including discrimination, anti competitive practices, aggressive/predatory pricing, the corporation's foreign product sourcing, treatment of product suppliers, environmental practices, the use of public subsidies, low wages, poor working conditions, and the company's security policies. Do you know of retailers out there who would engage in product selection that promotes a new ideology/agenda or even subtly inject a propaganda into the masses. Here's a fine example of all this and a lot more in Walmart. Unfortunately over the years there has not been enough unity or fair democratic values or an essential sense of equality in opportunity among average Americans here to even conjure up or imagine a boycott, but I'd like to believe that this Spirit is still strong in a place like India.

Best Regards.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

The Fallen Warrioress will Rise Again

         This is a comment in response to yet another unique subject and personality that is a great deal different from what you'll hear within the spheres of mainstream Western feminism.

A powerful portrayal of feminism

The original post is an article and a movie review for the documentary film "Ozhimuri" written by my friend Dalton for the Deccan Chronicle in Southern India


         Really well written, Dalton. It is so true that very little has been publicly spoken, documented or portrayed about the very unique subjects and characters referred to as something comparable to any other everyday regular women from around the world we live in today. Commencing right from the beginning of repression in Colonial times, accompanied by instances of deliberated caste based communal hate and tensions, and during the period of post independence through to modern times, such pure and germane feminist strength inborn among many of Kerala's daughters has rarely on recent occasions shown signs of fully lighting and fighting its way back to its original lost glory. I am very proud of many of the matrilineal and matriarchal communties, particularly including the Nairs and several sections of the Ezhava diaspora. Equi-gender societies that honor and celebrate the rights, strengths and freedoms of both sexes are extremely rare pockets and islands of lost Humanity, very few if any comparable Martial traditions exist in today's world. Very few, not even as secrets. I have heard of many stories and lore from relatives, family texts and friends where a warrioress would have the right to choose(as in swayamvaram) or even discard a lover or fight him in a dual to settle disputes or all out wars. Such women capable of commanding whole armies and leading the charge  never die, they live on in us, their daughters and sons, there is strength in their flesh and their genes. Patriarchs in my opinion are false supremacists who have suppressed and impaired half of humanity for way too long with their baseless thinking and vile justifications. Yes, it is extremely hard to even begin to explain coming from a place where women were not only celebrated for their immense virtues, towering glories and beautiful and untainted feminism but are to this day worshiped as powerful divinities, entities and the Goddesses they truly have manifest and evolved to become. It would be shocking if you considered for a moment that even the Romans who enslaved Europe in chains honored and offered tributes and sacrifices to the likes of these along with their sailing vessels laden with gold.  A modern day divorce is like breaking free from the thick patriarchal ideas about marriage as enforced and prescribed by the West. These senseless chains and this burden is often too obvious to see but truly breaking free would require persistent, tireless and prolonged efforts along with a pinch of some much needed divine intervention and luck :)

Thank You, Dalton, for writing this wonderful review. I enjoy reading them all. And many thanks to the film making team who put it all together. I hope they continue making many more such films. These will surely serve us all in a great way, whilst nudging and encouraging us along in the right direction. Again, Yes it's very hard to describe or implore a servile Soul to imagine what it feels like growing up in an equi-gender lineage & family where women are both respected, greatly loved and also deeply revered.

Best Wishes & Regards,

Jai Krishna Ponnappan