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Is Japan another Tibet ? Why Thieving Senkaku from Japan isn't all that easy

            This is a comment in response to a well written but hopelessly one sided opinion on The New York Times,

An excerpt from the original entry,

"For months now the waters around Japan have been teeming with territorial disputes, first with South Korea and now with China and Taiwan. The virulence of this latest Chinese-Japanese spat is chilling, and there’s no end in sight.

Neither history nor geography are clear on the complicated ownership of the tiny islets called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China. In this sensitive period of political transitions in both countries, wisdom would have dictated restraint. But in April, Shintaro Ishihara, the influential governor of Tokyo, threatened to buy the disputed islands from their private owners. His taunting forced the normally measured prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, to take a hard stance by announcing the national government’s purchase of the isles."

Ref. "

Is Japan another Tibet ?

        I understand the geography seems quite clear but may be there has been some dust being deliberately kicked up to conveniently rewrite/repaint history. 

        It's really strange and troubling to understand why the author seems to entertain and blindly support the claims by China and Taiwan when the islands have historically been controlled by Japan. It's easy to manufacture a dispute by claiming what belongs to another, it is ridiculous to support, tolerate and promote people who resort to staging and engaging in such devious tactics.

        Given the regime, its ambitions and some serious intelligence leaks, one can't help but make and permanently seal a defensive purchase. This is yet another case of more bullying by China. To much of the international community Tibet remains a forgotten story and a shamelessly neglected Human tragedy. Was is it the same sense of legitimacy that prevailed when they tried to lay claim to Taiwan as well? If it weren't for American intervention, it would have been just another Tibet. Which has led to the Taiwan coast being one of the most heavily fortified coast line in the world.

It's really amazing, amusing and pathetic at times to see just how many here in the West are busy su*king up to the leadership in China.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Prime-time in No Time Politics !

         This is a comment in response to a post seen on United Nations For a Free Tibet,

"When Michele spoke, China was listening:
one said: “I’m not an American, so why, when I’ve finished listening to this speech, do I have such an urge to cry?”


         It's always very important to understand why you can put the Huffington post (its corporate owners), the DNC(some of its leaders) and the Communist Regime all in one basket without bringing the oppressed People of China into the picture. The regime has proved time and again, and knows all too well how to take down sites or censor the internet when needed, they are also just as good when it comes to pushing and promoting news and propaganda to impress sentiments that are in their best interest. That said the President here has faced obstacles mostly of a political nature and otherwise, these are beyond merely challenging. A lot of people here can share and relate to everything said in her speech and the President is just as deserving and likable when it comes down to that. But governance and politics in America is so much more than just what is within the capacity of one man even if it is the President. I wish all of the hopefuls well. The coming few months promises to be very interesting indeed.

Best Regards,

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

The Snow Lion is Rising ~ Tibet shall be Free!

This is a comment in response to,

"The Middle-Way Approach is proposed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to peacefully resolve the issue of Tibet and to bring about stability and co-existence between the Tibetan and Chinese peoples based on equality and mutual co-operation. It is also a policy adopted democratically by the Central Tibetan Administration and the Tibetan people through a series of discussions held over a long time. This brief introduction to the Middle-Way policy and its history is intended for the Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet - and all those interested - to have a better understanding of the issues involved...

‎... The Tibetan people do not accept the present status of Tibet under the People's Republic of China. At the same time, they do not seek independence for Tibet, which is a historical fact. Treading a middle path in between these two lies the policy and means to achieve a genuine autonomy for all Tibetans living in the three traditional provinces of Tibet within the framework of the People's Republic of China. This is called the Middle-Way Approach..."

Please Help Put An End to the 
Systematic Genocide in Tibet

           Yes all of the above is very true, as it occurred and played out several decades ago. With time comes change as is stated here, "Unfortunately, the Chinese army unleashed a harsh military crackdown in Lhasa, Tibet's capital, and this convinced His Holiness the Dalai Lama that his hope for co-existence with the Chinese government was no longer possible. Under the circumstances, he had no other option but to seek refuge in India and work in exile for the freedom and happiness of all the Tibetan people." There is no Truth or promise in consistent deception, inhumane cruelty and betrayal. P.S ~ I understand that there is perhaps no means within such a path to gauge or read the minds, hearts, agendas and ambitions of the communist regime and its leadership, but when a nation has grown to an extent where such negotiations or consideration becomes trivial, irrelevant and obsolete, the cause of such an approach and its people fall far short of achieving Peace through non-violence, mutual benefit, unity of nationalities and social stability. During this time they have been systematically suppressed and eliminated. The people of Tibet know only too well that the reality today is the polar opposite of the Middle - Way Approach. It is admirable indeed and in many ways reminds us of Mahatma Gandhi. There is hope in that Lord Buddha has no spokesperson but Himself, and I pray may His blessings be with those who stay strong as they walk in His footsteps and persist with prayers and hopes for peace.

From The United Nations For a Free Tibet,

Fighting for Tibet with compassion against an ever increasingly violent China.

Every year, thousands flee Tibet. Those able to survive the dangerous journey over the Himalaya Mountains first make their way to Dharamsala, India, where their spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, lives in exile. It is here, that the seat of the Tibetan Government in Exile has been established.

Today, there are approximately 200,000 Tibetans living in exile worldwide (in 40 countries) while another 6,000,000 still struggle against oppression in their homeland; illegally occupied by China. Thousands have ‘disappeared’ and thousands more remain in prisons or forced labor camps.

The situation in Tibet is worsening as the Chinese Government continues to ravage Tibet by torturing, killing and denying Tibetans their basic human rights, as well as destroying the environment. Tibet’s culture, natural resources, wildlife and fragile ecosystem are facing extinction due to over 50 years of mismanagement and abuse under the People’s Republic of China.

Rich in the arts, Tibetan culture is one of the most ancient cultures on this planet. In our tumultuous world, much can be learned from the gentle and peaceful Tibetans; their Buddhist philosophy exemplifies, most importantly kindness and compassion.
Since it is vital that the world does not allow this unique and precious culture to perish, ALL NATIONS must STAND UNITED for a FREE TIBET…until the Tibetans have freedom in their own country, genuine autonomy, and a sincere chance to be heard to get their country back.

Without our Help, There will no Longer be a Tibet to Save.

We are: UNITED NATIONS FOR A FREE TIBET. Tibet shall be free!
General information: we are NOT like the SFT or RTYC, although we respect them 100% for the work they are doing and never shall use any words against them: in fact, many of us have financially supported them over the years.
We are a much more middle way and information group: we encourage everyone to learn about Tibet, to write letters, to sign petitions, to truly get involved, to boycott *made in China* and to support the Tibetans inside and outside Tibet. We support others and share their messages, their requests for demonstrations etc. We participate in many of those demonstrations and lobbying.
We are not a group which is climbing buildings and so forth: --we are more the ones doing work on the background..such as making sure Tibets message gets heard in front of the European Parliament.
Also, we have made sure that the petition hundreds of you signed the last few weeks, called *China: stop the genocide in Tibet and China* has been delivered to Pres Obama yesterday and to several Chinese Embassies as well.

Further, we are with 75 team members now in 38 countries who are building their own groups ..we are not so much in the USA at all, because the SFT and RTYC with thousands of Tibetans and supporters, are already around: we are on places no one is, like the United Arab Emirates.
We hope you understand our work and continue to support us with your presence and help.

We are Volunteers, most of UNFFT's core team members are Buddhists and work with love and compassion in our hearts for Tibet.

Time is running out for the Dragon...the Snow Lion is rising.....♥

We must not be here in 10 years from now, not even in 5 years from now. Because by then, Tibet shall be free. And if not, we have failed* --

"The United Nations for a Free Tibet (UNFFT) was founded to raise awareness of gross human rights violations committed against Tibetans in their homeland by the Communist Chinese Regime (CCP) which has occupied Tibet for more than 60 years. UNFFT's mission is to educate the public and to advocate for an end to the oppression and atrocities brought by the brutal Chinese occupation. With over 50,000 members across the globe, we are a strong ally of Tibet. UNFFT is registered in the United States as a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and is run entirely by volunteers."

Wake Up World! Do Not Stay a Silent Witness.
Do Not turn Away from the Plight of the Defenseless and the Voiceless.
Please Help Put an End to the Killing

FLAME OF TRUTH --- Demanding Investigation into Human Rights Abuses in Tibet . 

Thoughts & Prayers for Freedom, Truth & Peace.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan