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Taxes and Leadership ? It's Your Money ~ Demand Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency !

          This is a comment in response to an interesting statement by Angus King, a Maine independent for US senate.
The original message, 

"I will not sign any pledge that limits my ability to represent Maine. "

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         This is a highly debatable and crucial subject of great concern and grave consequences for many of us and this Nation. Given national politics and the directions taken at the center, it's easy to understand why many might be inclined to follow suit and make such ill-conceived associations. I agree that it plays an essential role but taxes alone don't make or break leadership. 

Taxes factor into the economic climate and environment, and eventually impact/affect people, investors, enterprises, their sentiments and the decisions they make. 
Governments have a responsibility towards All people, they are answerable the most when it comes to hindering growth and progress in the pursuit of excessive governance, regulation, taxation and similar socialist agendas.

P.S ~ This is an educational and insightful video, but it still does not touch upon or factor in the Human component and volatility stated above,


Jai Krishna Ponnappan

P.S ~ I hope others can learn from this, it can be understandably difficult to walk that thin line. I'd like to add that Angus has outlined his plans and intentions for a lowered tax rate here,


" Implementing tax reform :

Federal tax law is too complex – it takes over 73,000 pages for the Standard Federal Tax Reporter to explain the federal tax code. 

The tax structure must be simplified and reformed to lower rates, close loopholes, and ensure that everyone is paying their fair share – this includes the wealthiest Americans. 

I was in favor of ending the Bush-era tax cuts immediately, but after continued poor employment numbers, we need a more nuanced approach. 

We should consider pegging the sunset of these tax cuts to something non-arbitrary, like a certain amount of GDP growth, or a lower level of unemployment. This would avoid the unproductive brinkmanship that Congress engages in over this issue – and could prevent our fragile recovery from being further slowed down."

Fix the Nation's Health

                     I came across this picture that's been circulating on social media. I understand how critical and sensitive this topic is. The line that stands out the most is, "If they were their own country"... sadly we've heard this time and again, the voices only seem to be getting louder, clearer and more demanding in places. 

               This could be considered as a great summation of how leadership can either unite or divide a nation on key issues. In an ideal world we would have imagined that the value of Life would be considered to be beyond comparison. And that people would naturally be compelled to collaborate and work together on a solution. 

In an ideal world what would be your attitude towards your fellow being and the very fragility of our Lives? The need for healthcare reform in this country is beyond doubt or debate. 

Quiet simply put, lives are at stake. Given the amount of resources and time that's been committed one would have definitely hoped that the means to achieving reform  would have been more amicable or at least some where along the middle ground. Insurance is definitely a great answer but is there no other road to reform ?  It is perfectly understandable why infringing upon the rights of an individual guaranteed under the constitution, and being bold enough to do it on multiple occasions is something that a lot of Americans would simply find unacceptable. 

Again, lives are at stake, being thoughtful is the least that can be asked. We can hope.. and we can pray, but there are people out there who are clearly responsible, answerable and expected to act. So, Is this the only answer to reform ? For the sake of those who are fighting to stay alive and  for those that are in their own rights unwilling to be insured could we decide to be more determined to work harder in tackling this absurd stalemate. We really need to make progress and move forward in achieving reform that's way beyond due.  The issue needs to be addressed effectively and with a sense of moral obligation and urgency. One can only hope that our leaders don't dodge or dismiss it. Sometimes we all have no choice but to accept the weight of the collective guilt and the pain that we live in a country where cars are safer and treated better than lives. We are still in desperate need of an answer that works..... Please put Lives first.

P.S ~ Being Humane should come naturally to us. Being Humane is the price you must pay in exchange for this gift called life. And No one is less worthy of it.

Blessings & Best Wishes,
Jai Krishna Ponnappan