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Revolutions that Begin in the Heart

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So here's A Warm Welcome to the Real World,



P.S ~ Revolutions revolve around real people and not around political puppets and those who exercise instability and uncertainty at the expense of the Nation's future. There are plenty of rich intelligent people who don't waste their precious time and energy to speak of politics and who will most certainly be boycotting the elections like they have always done because regardless of who you vote for, you will be voting for ??? You know who.. just as much as they do.

               >> If you truly care about people, be there.. when and where they and your immediate community needs you the most. If you love your version of politics, your opinions and your vanity about the same, try and change.. get practical and make attempts at questioning yourselves and being more realistic. Stop blindly believing in what you are told and get on with life. Focus on Changing your day..that is the only real revolution which is within every man's reach, everything else is an entertaining and sensational distraction designed for the willing sheep.

"The only people who deserve to be called ignorant are those that ignore others and their plight." 

~ Blessings & Best Regards,
Jai Krishna Ponnappan