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Blessed are the Peacemakers

        This a comment in response to an interesting article pertaining to a very important subject seen on . You'll find the original post here.

"It's Not About Religion: A Conversation With Author and Middle East Expert Gregory Harms

Image Ref. "

 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." 
~ Matthew 5:9 

             I understand why there is always a perennial chain of thought speculating and theorizing around the facts that visit this subject with time. One can only sincerely appeal to others that they never fail to consider and examine all of the many key multi-billion dollar industries that have vested interests and more subtle agendas. These are well and truly here to stay and are linked from both here in the West to much of the middle east. Off course, there are always serious concerns that need to be addressed with a multi faceted and multi-lateral approach, aside from this both Geo-politics and strategic military advances are merely manipulated fronts and manufactured cases that take care of several interests and self serving benefits. 

Always try to think critically while getting to the roots of why, when and how these destabilizing and volatile social upheavals and turbulence have come about. There is always an intrusive nose searching for opportunities to dominate and enter through the crack and commence with a clearly defined and demarcated cycle of exploitation. 

The big questions: Why Not? Who is to Stop? ~ We are not men we are advanced primates, slaves of our own habits... with a really long... long way to go before we become fully Human. I greatly admire some of the voices coming from the Left here in America, the only problem is they seem to be a little ahead of their time and out of place in world that promotes hate, manipulation and war. We can only prepare with prayers for peace and hope. It is sad indeed how some war mongering monsters can't even do that.

Thoughts & Prayers For Peace, Love and our higher needs as Humanity.


Jai Krishna Ponnappan.

The Fallen Warrioress will Rise Again

         This is a comment in response to yet another unique subject and personality that is a great deal different from what you'll hear within the spheres of mainstream Western feminism.

A powerful portrayal of feminism

The original post is an article and a movie review for the documentary film "Ozhimuri" written by my friend Dalton for the Deccan Chronicle in Southern India


         Really well written, Dalton. It is so true that very little has been publicly spoken, documented or portrayed about the very unique subjects and characters referred to as something comparable to any other everyday regular women from around the world we live in today. Commencing right from the beginning of repression in Colonial times, accompanied by instances of deliberated caste based communal hate and tensions, and during the period of post independence through to modern times, such pure and germane feminist strength inborn among many of Kerala's daughters has rarely on recent occasions shown signs of fully lighting and fighting its way back to its original lost glory. I am very proud of many of the matrilineal and matriarchal communties, particularly including the Nairs and several sections of the Ezhava diaspora. Equi-gender societies that honor and celebrate the rights, strengths and freedoms of both sexes are extremely rare pockets and islands of lost Humanity, very few if any comparable Martial traditions exist in today's world. Very few, not even as secrets. I have heard of many stories and lore from relatives, family texts and friends where a warrioress would have the right to choose(as in swayamvaram) or even discard a lover or fight him in a dual to settle disputes or all out wars. Such women capable of commanding whole armies and leading the charge  never die, they live on in us, their daughters and sons, there is strength in their flesh and their genes. Patriarchs in my opinion are false supremacists who have suppressed and impaired half of humanity for way too long with their baseless thinking and vile justifications. Yes, it is extremely hard to even begin to explain coming from a place where women were not only celebrated for their immense virtues, towering glories and beautiful and untainted feminism but are to this day worshiped as powerful divinities, entities and the Goddesses they truly have manifest and evolved to become. It would be shocking if you considered for a moment that even the Romans who enslaved Europe in chains honored and offered tributes and sacrifices to the likes of these along with their sailing vessels laden with gold.  A modern day divorce is like breaking free from the thick patriarchal ideas about marriage as enforced and prescribed by the West. These senseless chains and this burden is often too obvious to see but truly breaking free would require persistent, tireless and prolonged efforts along with a pinch of some much needed divine intervention and luck :)

Thank You, Dalton, for writing this wonderful review. I enjoy reading them all. And many thanks to the film making team who put it all together. I hope they continue making many more such films. These will surely serve us all in a great way, whilst nudging and encouraging us along in the right direction. Again, Yes it's very hard to describe or implore a servile Soul to imagine what it feels like growing up in an equi-gender lineage & family where women are both respected, greatly loved and also deeply revered.

Best Wishes & Regards,

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

So You Like Yoga, Do You know What it is ? Good. Now Leave it Alone

           I have heard stories of why people stopped subscribing from
This is a comment in response to a cute, funny, amusing and ridiculous post on their social media page,

" Welcome to the Health Ranger's yoga class. Today's first pose is DOWNWARD DOG!

At least Yogi Dog is having fun and doing better than my Culture.



         Perhaps Downward Doggy Yoga was meant to be.... cute after all. When I last checked as per the untold history recorded by the Vedics and their Vedantis, Yoga was something strange, alien, something poorly recorded or understood. It was something treasured but hopelessly obscure practiced by a foreign Sabhya(civilized) sect of nomadic warriors who were exploring and gradually colonizing the Gangetic plains. They practiced these rituals along with 23 other parallel spiritual practices and philosophies in order to maintain, commune or commence uniting with God alongside performing all the other Karmas expected on the battle field and Life. Yoga is meant only for those who have already attained and entered into eternal super consciousness and that seek the permanence of Liberation and Love. A real man can't help but appreciate, adore and Love little children and the infantile who seek such spiritual goals as salvation from which one can still easily fall but he has no choice but to sympathize and set aside pity and grief for all those that fall and continue to fall like a lump of clay sinking to the bottom of a deep and dark well. It is important to note that it's cute, inane and easy to mock or trivialize something you'll never understand but it has been painfully hard for native cultures and many suppressed Human families to go underground and protect their identities, heritage and bodies of knowledge from the hate true of the ignorant and cruel at heart. Dear, As a kind suggestion, You don't practice Yoga for yourself, you are never alone in Yoga, and if you do or your dog does then give it another name. I don't understand why, just as many others have observed before, your Authors and staff seem to stubbornly mix the Sciences so clearly limited and defined in scope with such endless surpluses of deliberate and negative emotions, apparently aimed for your pleasure, recreation and entertainment. 

P.S ~ Time and again many of the men in my family have often advised and repeatedly warned and discouraged me from having anything to do with a public life or a profession that requires or demands any such thing. For hundreds of years now Native Eurasian cultures and people have been either admixed, suppressed, targeted, terminated  or virtually annihilated. I was surprised to have come to learn, discover and know of just how many such groups even like the Celts fled to the Americas just to escape the tyranny that labels them in  such a dehumanizing way. It is such a shame to know that secrecy is all they'll know as a refuge. Going underground gave them peace and hope. After all the Yogi's and Yoga in it self has been downgraded and condemned to the Dogs of this world, including shameless and fearless ones such as myself who could possibly give nothing more to you than these few lines in the hope that it may educate and enlighten you and bring you a step closer to such Truths as Love but more importantly a step removed and away from such things as hate.

Dogs are a Man's best friend indeed. They are also far better and more pure than most Human Souls will ever be. To all the Spiritual and the Yogis out there, you'll do very well to stay unflinching and away from the fanatical bigots and organised atheists of this world. Don't let the dogged distraction/adversities they create and their actions present ever faze or bother you.

May God Bless All Men condemned to living suppressed lives under such false and hateful labels.  

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Freeing the Creative Flow ~ A Flourish at the Frontiers of the Human Condition

"If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature." ~Bruce Barton

This is a comment in response to a post by my friend Nuria Fuente,

Below is an Excerpt from the original entry,

"Radu Balanescu, a Grand Master of the Grand National Lodge of Romania, summed up what intellectuals do, why they are important, and what awaits any group that fails to generate them among its members, when he noted that "an elite intellectual, a thinker, is a person who restores to humanity its essence. This is the motive for the gigantic impact thinkers have had in the history of the world. This is the reason why collectivities deprived of great thinkers decay relatively quickly, pervert themselves and are eliminated toward the edge of human history."


'  Really well written, Nuria. Thank you for sharing this observation. 

"Imposing The Edge of Human history" 
as opposed to 
"Exploring and Expanding the Frontiers of the Human condition" 

The Reality of Redemption Requires Loving and Tireless hands 

     This curbing edge.. this limiting boundary is what is being defined in the United States of today. The trend has also had a more wider and adverse impact on the quality of life of the individual as it pertains to his/her Personal Freedoms and the most fundamental levels of both inner and outer Liberties.  Owed to several factors  both internal and external, many of the warnings that the founding fathers stated seem to have come alive to a significant extent. Sadly it is just a little too much to ask of such a collective to produce the likes of Jacques-Geoges Plumet, or Alain Bauer. The very Spirit of Creative flow has been hindered at its roots to create an increasingly dependent and servile society with an equally inhuman sense of social order. Every Human life is precious, meaningful, gifted and beautiful. Granting this boundless attribution and meaning to an individual is the only harmonious way to ensure the health, growth, evolution and significance of a greater collective comprised of such individuals. 

         Free men are attributed with an essential and kind sense of hospitality, mutual respect and a voluntary desire to preserve, collaborate and work towards a state of stability, prosperity and social harmony. Such words describe the nature of many more things that have been stripped off late from the free as they are forced to comply and conform to questionable standards, stereotypes, ideologies and schools of thought that serve agendas and personal interests more than anything else . It is a shame indeed to state the obvious but as I am sure people all around the world know, there is also a deliberation to slowly but surely crack down on instruments that can provide or ensure such a sense of individuality, independence and freedom. It should suffice to say that we live in an increasingly global society with its many entities that intend to exercise a greater influence in reshaping America and the American identity. Given these facts I personally feel it is not entirely fair to remark that America has failed or ceased to produce the likes of such Architects of Humanity, Thought and the collective Conscience that shapes us. It seems what we have or are in the process of building is a social machine instead. It may not impress as much and it may be a hallmark of what nullifies true Human Potential but it is still roughly comparable to a communist regime that works and extracts from its clearly designated set of parts. People are not parts, it is indeed a sad and hateful thing to enslave a person. It is kind of like capturing and fastening chains around a wild animal that was always designed and born to roam free. It is an unnatural act that is contrary to what makes us Human.

Your Life is a Gift. The Greatest Service You can do is to be Free and Fruitful in Living its Truth. 

       "There are one-story intellects, two-story intellects, and three-story intellects with sky-lights. All fact collectors, who have no aim beyond their facts, are one-story men. Two-story men compare, reason generalize, using the labors of the fact collectors as well as their own. Three-story men idealize, imagine, predict, their best illumination comes from above, through the skylight." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

            The most beautiful thing that we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

          What You Believe in, Serves as your path. You are Entitled to the Truth, only if You are Free to Shape and Author your beliefs, lessons and experiences with the Life that you live. No one can do what is expected of You. Your path and these steps are yours alone to walk.  '

Love, Peace, Blessings & Best Regards. 

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

P.S ~ The Cure is 
Within the Grasp of Every Man

What is Love? Baby Don't Hurt me.. No More...

This is a response to a message posted on one of my favorite pages and sites,

Here's the original message,

"And if you love this Hollywood liberal, you're gonna love this piece, too:"

The link to it on fb,

And the image/message that went with it,

Now this here response is for your serious, respectful and kind consideration

                There is a tradition in India with regards to the subject of marriage. Usually among Hindus they check to see if the horoscopes of the bride and the groom match and if they are compatible or not. Sometimes there are flaws or malefic signs such as a "Manglik Dosh" where in the planet Mars is badly positioned within the natal chart often portending the death or affliction of the other partner. So as a cure for this they have the person ceremonially marry a tree and then they ritually offer the tree as a sacrifice to avoid and do away with the ill that would have afflicted the other partner. Trees are quiet beautiful, some may really Love them, some have genders.. male and female like a banana tree or a peepal tree. May be it's possible to imagine the tree as a beautiful Woman filled with Life and Love. So would it be ok to fall in Love with a tree? Would it be alright to get married to a tree? Could you kindly legalize it if you think so. Such remedial rituals are ancient, purposeful and meaningful. It may seem really strange.... :)) Would it be ok if someone is capable of imagining and falling madly in Love with an inanimate object such as a stone and then get married to it. Again, It might seem a bit different, bizarre and strange but it is still Love, it is a question of companionship and marital bliss for the concerned person. Can we have a new law that permits these unions..... Again from the image and the quote above -> What You fall in Love with is entirely up to You. Does it make any difference to anyone else who is reading this ?


"If a Hindu bride has Manglik dosh (chevvai Dosham), the bride groom also should have it. Then the effect of one is cancelled by the other. This is a major problem in finding a suitable bride or bride groom. Several marriages are delayed because of this.

In Hindu tradition, if the broom doesn’t have the manglik dosh, in order to neutralize the influence of evil manglik dosh of the bride, she should marry a Sacred fig tree (Peepal / peepul / pippala / Arasa maram / Arayal) or a plantain tree (banana tree / vazhai maram / vaalai maram / waalai maram) before the broom ties the Mangal sutra. This is a cleansing ceremony. Alternatively, the bride marries a clay urn and breaks it soon after the nuptial ceremonies. This signifies that the bride has become a widow, and the manglik dosh (chevvai Dosham) problem has been solved."


Here's a real life example from Bollywood,

"Aishwarya Rai, who has been in the news lately because of her engagement to Abhishek Bachchan, has apparently been ritually married to not one but two trees before her real marriage (thanks, Antahkarana). The aim is to counter the astrological effects of being born a Manglik: ...."


P.S ~ Hey, You know What... I happened to have a bit of that Manglik thing in my horoscope. I need to find me a tree for marriage... for the cleansing ceremony and stuff. I am an open and honest man, I always aim Straight and I promise to Love and thank Her(my tree) for being their for me as a sacrificial blessing. I know this is way too much to ask but for the sake of the Tree and my  Love for it can we consider legalizing this brief union ;) 

I know....Yes it's true.. apart from the 16 trillion dollar debt apparently this really IS anY extremely grave issue during election 2012 and we need to focus and work hard on it. 

Love is important. Human rights are important. Respect is important. Perhaps more than anything else..... with or with out an ounce of thought or feeling for this great country and for those who are helpless and obsolete before this growing, enslaving and staggering debt. And yes off course my tree is important to me and my bride to be. But for the sake of my own conscience I'll keep her (my tree and all the popularly practiced rituals of India) a personal secret for now :) It doesn't make a difference..does it ?

With Tons of Love to Absolutely All the minorities and All You people and Trees out there. I Wish You All without any discrimination what so ever the very best of Blessings :)


Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Love & Have a lil Fun While You're at it ;)


               Sometimes midst all this noise and chaos I feel like my words are lost, my words feel weightless and my intelligence feels insulted. Perhaps like I have often felt and concluded English for all its well intended sense of civility is an inherently deficient language that allows for only mundane and machine like messages made more primitive with time and its sticks and stones. I guess if you still try and emote the Truth it cuts like a sword regardless of the tongue.

           Maybe it's better for a man such as myself to retire early, exercise reclusive spirituality and take leave into the nomadic and peaceful tranquility of the remote wilderness likened to the Himalayas. I often shared the notion with my near and Dear ones since I was a child. I guess desire is such a thing they've also wanted to see me become just like everyone and someone else rather than be and live to be as I always was meant to be.  Admire the World, savor this gift called life but don't get addicted to it, just add the sacrifices that are demanded of duty and service.

This was a post I came across on the fb page of the Hindustan Times on the 18th of Feb. 2012,

My first response was,

"Does this translate as India, Pakistan, Russia, and China = problems ..... With or without uniforms, wars are and will always continue to taint the heart and stain the Soul with the blood of the innocent including civilians, the old, women and children. It is so crude and cruel to rob them of their lives and talk in terms of oil and gas. May God have mercy.....he is definitely not a fool nor is he blind. Life isn't perpetual so Strive for peace and you'll find an eternity full of it....."

I was quiet dissapointed with a lot of the hate speech and war mongering going on in the comments that followed, so I decided to write an exhaustive and I suppose hard hitting second response hoping that people will learn to use their minds along with their ears and loud mouths and thus be relieved and cured off of their deaf, numb and unfeeling hearts,

Here is my second response,

"Hey all you people on fb talking about glorifying war and dictating and dissecting the rule and resources of the Earth. Is life less precious than your trivial ideas, covetous and your mundane differences ? Peace is priceless, it is our birth right, who has the false authority of denying us this gift in life? It doesn't matter who he is, your father, your grandfather, your brother, your ancestors, your uncle or you your self, do you really know what it means to raise a weapon and put an end to someone's life? is killing and sinning the road to heaven or the downward spiral to sadness, a burdensome conscience and senility not clothed or protected by uniforms, blessings, medallions, badges and prayers. Would you shake hands, admire, befriend and worship the humanity in a man's heart that has murdered and taken the life of tens and hundreds in the name of war and failed attempts at civilized and peaceful coexistence, do you know of the turmoil within him and are you man enough to still glorify violence as a Godly thing. You know the monkeys in the jungle babble and bray...they eventually fight, they can't talk, they don't know of civilization, tact, diplomacy and peace negotiations. Cowards who are not man enough to face death or talk of war by sacrificing their life at its altars have no business sitting in high places and dictating and burdening the Earth with artificial wars and needless brutalities. Wars are proof we have failed as men and succeeded as brutes and beasts. Perhaps men who can't muster the strength and self discipline to reason and control their thoughts have had a very pleasant time and an undeserving drought not worrying about Hurricanes, tsunamis, storms, earthquakes and calamities unknown. Those Godly acts they can't control have fled with the failing fraternity of Mankind, even the winds and the waters know how the stench reeks of his shameless greed, pride, hate and selfishness. 
Please learn to Love and Respect All Life, it's not very hard or too noble a deed and you know you are capable and blessed enough to do it......"Do onto others as you would have them do onto you"..and always remember those who live by the sword die by the sword. And if you don't practice what you preach hold your silence."

" Peace comes from being able to contribute to Peace. Peace is the way and the road that leads to Peace. Say NO to war, violence and bloodshed. Strive to pursue and stay committed to Peace from both within and without, and you'll find that an Eternity full of it eagerly awaits to greet You. " ~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

P.S ~ The Himalayas far removed from Humanity and its chaos is in my opinion serenity personified. Yes, I guess I miss this beautiful sense of tranquility but I take an even greater and blissful joy in Selfless Service, Love and Sacrifice.....

From before,

Peace is priceless. Peace of mind can't be bought, it is hard for it to enter into even the most welcoming of hearts. But if there is one thing I strive, long and wish for every one in this world, it is PEACE.......

Peace of mind.
Peace within the Soul.
And Peace from one heart to the next.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

THE SOCIAL DYNAMICS OF 'UNFRIENDED': They don't teach street in schools


This is a comment in response to an interesting infographic and article I read on the Huffingtonpost,

         I was reflecting on 2011, my relationships in particular. I wanted to share this….. It doesn’t matter if you are a child, an adolescent or a grown man, else where in the world there is no 911, no justice, real safety or effective law and plenty of corruption instead of cops and courts, all sorts of hate you can’t imagine but you have to imagine it and feel it before it arrives.. just to be able to survive and stay ahead of the game. Apart from exacting needed or loving justice, Anger that owns, consumes and controls is pretty much self defeating, useless and meaningless; an ugly thing that feeds of the mind and the heart that it dwells and preys upon. I personally feel that by relieving someone of the object of their anger, prejudice or hate, I’m doing them a big favor, saving them their precious energy and time. As nice as I’ve tried to be and have always been to my true friends and acquaintances, life has toughened around my soft interiors. But I’m glad that I did my best this year to shrink my fb block list, sadly it’s seen as many names as my friend list perhaps even more and I do overview it from time to time.

I state this without conceit but with honesty and sincere transparency, this year I have been resolute, kind and as understanding as possible to those who have been more irrational to me beyond hate. I thank God for that. At times I worry about the emotional health of those who engage in hate. To be entirely honest like my family and my close friends already know, hate, it doesn't really affect me, I guess I’m sort of immune to it, used to it and I understand it all too well. Trust me, this, what you see in the article above is nothing, this here is like paradise, a piece of cake and a glass of wine, a gentle slap on the face like a fly that flies away…..The world is volatility and turbulence personified, like I said things you can’t imagine. And So,


Don't worry about it, grow and cull your lists if you have to. The old facts of life still apply :)

" Life is all about quality and not quantity. Value it in yourselves and others. It takes time, patience and hard lessons to recognize, realize, rethink, reprioritize and redefine yourself both inside and out. "

Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)



Peace is priceless. Peace of mind can't be bought, it is hard for it to enter into even the most welcoming of hearts. But if there is one thing I strive, long and wish for every one in this world, it is PEACE.......

Peace of mind.
Peace within the Soul.
And Peace from one heart to the next.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

                Being a peace maker is easy and natural for Souls who choose and strive for Peace.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”
~ Buddha

I had posted this link and shared this message earlier on my facebook page,

My Comment: "Well, If there was someway you could put a 1000 crystal balls to work and magically uncover their ambitions and intentions, I guess you'd be shocked and petrified to say the least. Things like the Anti Satellite missile program, simulations of actual wars with neighbors and the rest of it....all while maintaining superficial paper treaties for trade, profit and temporary illusions of peace. All I can say is, Apprehensions should give way to reality checks and better preparedness, as bad as it may sound it is never too late or unreasonable to respect a possibility especially when it begins to thicken the waves that it looms in....." ~ ~Jai Krishna Ponnappan
I feel sorry...... it disturbed and troubled me to read the title of this article here on the Dailymail,

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way.”
~ A. J. Muste

Well, Dear Can you read my mind ? jk ;)

               From deep within my heart I strongly believe that it is only in our best interest to confront, respect and embrace the Truth ..... especially when it is about all the realities that we live in. Visions and insights are most useful, effective and powerful only when they are at their precise, intuitive, intelligent and longest best :)

Here is a comment and a sincere appeal to you, the reader's higher nature in response to the above article,

So, really....Can you read my mind ?

                     I hope so.....Just dig into the Disadvantageous Policies, Strategic imbalance, massive Financial shifts and an unbiased summary and a consolidated view of the last 150 years of human history and world affairs. A lot has radically changed in that time, and change isn't the concern but sustainability definitely is. Apart from their increasing prominence and growth nothing has drastically changed with China, they only keep building layer upon layer, year after year. Sometimes you can't help but admire and perhaps even desire to incorporate such accelerated levels of growth and all the other industrious attributes, but a Mismatch of values, ideologies and ambitions is sadly a bit tricky to deal with. Keep in mind all of this fuels a large military, a growing arsenal and an increasingly head heavy and domineering regime.

 “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr

                      Americans need to strive and prioritize retaining this country's status as a strong politically and economically stable, growing and robust super power. Education, healthcare, empowering the masses, nation building and a culture of growth should never be assumed or taken for granted, maintaining the position of a world leader is twice as hard as getting there . Rust clad broken bridges, debt ceiling dilemmas  and cities like Detroit are a painful reminder of how this country has stopped producing the same levels of skilled and economically productive men and women (across all classes including the elite) that once paved the way forward a generation or two ago. Such things should never have to be irrationally dismissed or suffer this level of unjust and deplorable neglect.

                    Please be more selfless and pay more attention and help ease local economies and homegrown industries into a steady period of growth and economic self sufficiency by cycling back on several fronts to the people who work to make these accomplishments a reality. Slow Recovery is understandable and acceptable but never forfeit a position of advantage that may be hard to come by again. Financial institutions and Industries such as banking need a massive but necessary overhaul that will make them more accountable, regulated and answerable. If that pill is too hard to swallow, remember that they serve as the backbone for the rest of the economy.
Once leaders and politicians get elected they must brush aside their paralyzing differences and make their commitment to America their highest objective and goal.

                       Super Powers that don't align in their values or cooperate rarely coexist. Where ever and what ever the cause may be, Wars are a curse that makes life in this world miserable, violent and painful. We should always do our best to explore all possibilities for peace, for peaceful coexistence, balance, trust and sensible conflict resolution. We should as a collective always try our best to avoid resorting to bloodshed, war and violence especially when we have the option of being less sinful and belligerent towards each other well within the reach of our tamable hands.

                      May God, Humanity and our higher natures forbid such a dark and gloomy prospect from depriving us of a more civilized, evolving and peaceful future.May God Bless America and keep this nation true to the blessing that it has been for Humanity, Hope, Liberty and Freedom and the millions who trust and embrace it.

Wishing All of Humanity Love, Peace, Prosperity, Hope and Coexistence,
Prayers, Heartfelt Love & Regards,

Jai Krishna Ponnappan