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Defend Wolves in Wyoming

                 The federal government—at any time—will abandon its protection of Wyoming wolves and allow them to be hunted relentlessly, according to published reports. Earthjustice is asking the Obama administration to prevent the slaughter, and will consider legal action if protections are removed.

                It is really sad, unfortunate and painful to see such a cruel, barbaric and inhumane act.. repeatedly threatening to happen in this day and age, right here across several places in America. This is shocking at a time when we are trying our best to teach children and young people about conservation, alternative green lifestyles and restoring ecological balance. If this is the way we treat a voiceless creature, what low standards of civility and sanity have we set for the rest of Humanity? We have learnt so little from the number of species that have been decimated by us in the past. This type of cruel and unfeeling attitude will come back and around to haunt those who are unwilling to evolve in their hearts and their heads. They ought to Respect, Love and Value Life if that is what they expect for themselves.....

      "Any decision to delist wolves must be based on science, not political whims. Until Wyoming has a management plan that will maintain a viable wolf population, Wyoming wolves should remain protected under the Endangered Species Act. Any plan that is not science-based will jeopardize wolf recovery in the entire Northern Rockies region.

     In fact, a dangerous loophole in Wyoming's proposal would make it legal to kill wolves in the state no matter how few remain.

     I support wolf restoration in the Northern Rockies. The federal government has spent 17 years and millions of dollars to return wolves to the West, but the Wyoming proposal combined with the delisting and hunting of wolves in Idaho and Montana threatens to undo the recovery that is under way. The US Fish and Wildlife Service originally opposed the Wyoming plan but then changed its mind; it was right the first time.

This devastating plan permits wolf hunting in important wildlife corridors and unregulated wolf killing throughout most of Wyoming.

Please help us keep this brutal proposal from ever seeing the light of day.
 Stand up for wolves today by opposing this deadly proposal.

           The federal government has spent 17 years and millions of dollars to restore wolves to the West. But Wyoming’s proposal now threatens the recovery that is under way—even including a dangerous loophole that would make it legal to kill wolves no matter how few remain.

         Wyoming’s wolves should remain protected under the Endangered Species Act until they have fully recovered and there are laws in place to ensure their survival. Tell the White House to stand up for wolf protections and oppose any plan that allows politics to decide the fate of an imperiled species."

Please Take Action & Help Stop The Slaughter Of Wyoming Wolves 

Thank You.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan


Update as of November 2012

Stop The Extermination Of Wolves !

                 Wyoming has just 328 wolves, but it's now perfectly legal to shoot, trap and gas them throughout most of the state. More than 40 wolves have already been slaughtered, and the rest are essentially on death row.

         If this makes you upset, Wyoming needs to hear from you! We have an action set up for you to send a letter directly to Wyoming Governor Matt Mead. Tell him it's unacceptable that his state is allowing these animals to be slaughtered when we've spent so much time and effort rescuing them from the brink of extinction.

Here's the link to the action page: It’ll take less than a minute. 

Please SHARE to get your friends to take action too – the remaining 200+ wolves are depending on you!

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan 

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