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The Spirit of Freedom is The Spirit of Love

        Re-posting this interesting excerpt seen on Intellectual Takeout ,

"All riches must finally fall into the gap between thoughts and things. Governed by mind but caught in matter, assets must afford an income stream that is expected to continue. The expectation may shift as swiftly as thought, but things, alas, are all too solid and slow to change. The kaleidoscope of shifting valuations, flashing gains and losses as it is turned in the hands of time, in the grip of 'news,' distributes and redistributes the wealth of the world far more quickly and surely than any scheme of the state.

The belief that wealth consists not chiefly in ideas, attitudes, moral codes, and mental disciplines but in definable static things that can be seized and redistributed — that is the materialist superstition. It stultified the works of Marx and other prophets of violence and envy. It betrays every person who seeks to redistribute wealth by coercion. It balks every socialist revolutionary who imagines that by seizing the so-called means of production he can capture the crucial capital of an economy. It baffles nearly every conglomerateur who believes he can safely enter new industries by buying rather than by learning them. It confounds every bureaucrat of science who imagines he can buy or steal the fruits of research and development.

Even if it wished to, the government could not capture America’s wealth from its 1 percent of the 1 percent. As Marxist despots and tribal socialists from Cuba to Greece have discovered to their huge disappointment, governments can neither create wealth nor effectively redistribute it. They can only expropriate and watch it dissipate. If we continue to harass, overtax, and oppressively regulate entrepreneurs, our liberal politicians will be shocked and horrified to discover how swiftly the physical tokens of the means of production dissolve into so much corroded wire, abandoned batteries, scrap metal, and wasteland rot."

~ George Gilder, 'Unleash the Mind'


         Isn't it amazing how we fail to learn, or 'Unleash the Mind' as Gilder rightly put it, despite so many of these examples that remain lost and buried in the forgotten pages of history. The diverse values that make this country so unique and blessed, indeed are of a very personal Nature. Despite all the adversities including the shifting tides of globalization it is extremely difficult and close to impossible to shake or take something so personal away. Sadly, you only understand the meaning of what is dear and priceless when it is lost or when you have newly discovered what you have never had.....

    This is another article I wrote a while ago relating to the same subject. I wanted to share some of these deeper sentiments and thoughts from around the world,

The Spirit of Freedom is The Spirit of Love

    This is a response made to a very valid, interesting and mind opening note made by my friend Princess Erika de Krutova,

" I do not understand. America is so strong on freedoms. I have read your Constitution many times in an effort to incorporate some ideas and items into our country. How is it that freedoms can be taken away? Everyone in my country and almost all I know across Europe envy the American way of life and freedom it brings." - Princess Erika de Krutova

Here are some of the colorful and inspiring responses that were made.........

Sherry Lee: "Freedom cannot be taken away of heart mind and spirit but evil people empowered by satan want to enslave because that is the nature of the beast. They want to destroy happiness on the planet and light and fill every soul with terror. I have worked with these people. There is no logic, love or sanity in their universe. Only darkness. They create destruction. If they enslave a few they will enslave the world through advanced technology. I wrote a book about this. It is called 'In Satan We Trust'- Age of destruction. The devil gains whatever power he can. The foolish servants of the anti Christ dominate to get control. Anyone with half a brain knows this sick power won't stay in the hands of a few. It will spread and lead to world destruction unless it is stopped. This can't have a good outcome...."

Michael Scott:"Seems to be a combination of greed based economics and an evil need to change something established by a previous person in power. Freedom is a commodity it seems in so many ways and a country can go bankrupt in private and turn the tables of any constitution. There is much to say abou this. I am so glad you are asking. It is wonderful to hear you interest and passions......"

Simon Templar:"When considering American freedom you should start with the Declaration of Independence "We hold these truths as self evident..." Then move on to the Constitution. The Constitution is more of a document outlining how the national government should operate and the authorities it is granted. The first ten Amendments secure many of the freedoms that Americans enjoy. However, the power of big government is always a threat to those rights. The Constitution clearly states that those powers not enumerated within the document are reserved to the states and the people. However, the "New Deal" the federal government usurped many of those rights under the banner of the "Interstate Commerce Clause." The degradation of rights among the American people can be directly attributed to this one interpretation of the Constitution. Freedom is lost through fear. When fear enters our society the people willingly forfeit their freedoms so that they feel safe and secure. Therefore, you will always see some incident that creates fear in the people, economy problems, terrorism, etc. prior to the government removing rights and liberties. And always remember, there is the ideal of American freedom and the reality that those freedoms are always subject to a politician's interpretation........"

My comment and response to add to this excellent discussion,

        I agree with several of the valid points made by Simon. I strongly believe that this ' Ideal of American freedom' is still truly well within the reach of all Americans regardless of the political environment, primarily because this ideal and the very Spirit of it is something deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of almost every generation of Americans to date. You must never alienate the fact that the capitalism we have here and the economy it supports has thrived alongside this freedom. Perhaps most of the doubts, wider issues, corruptions, fears and the rest of the problems we face today stem from the inherent flaws of capitalism, whether it is the uneven distribution of wealth, opportunities or the current ill health of our economy. For better or for worse, with time change is imminent and inevitable. As far as the ideas of corruption, uneven distribution of power and abuse of authority are concerned we are still in the infantile stages as compared to some of the well established cultural norms and structures elsewhere in the world. As long as Americans can still vote, Politicians can and will be replaced. As long as Americans still have a voice and some of the brave and pro active journalists continue to do their jobs we will always question, expose and root out any and every form of high handed corruption that threatens our freedom and liberty. Freedom is a rare quality, with many facets and dimensions. This ' Ideal of American freedom' is more than just a sentiment; it is immaculate and has no hypocrisy or so called evil infiltrating its definition since its birth several centuries ago. This is something emotional, psychological and most certainly something beautiful and spiritual that every American carries deep within his heart and mind. Psychologically, yes, I agree that fear comes and goes but most certainly it has a role and a part to play in giving us the window of opportunity to weed and root out some of the flaws and socio-economic problems we face today. Unlike many resentful perceptions, this Freedom is something very obvious in almost every generation of Americans. If you compare an average American with let's say someone else there is something very obvious, unique and special in the way he/she is thinking, evolving and functioning, that sense of independence has a very strong personal side to it, which has been handed down from generation to generation and can rub off very easily on someone who is open minded and open hearted enough to accept the truth that is innate and germane to this freedom and to this nation. Perhaps the only serious threat that many of us overlook and side step is the fact that if what we face today continues to dwell and grow, creating an environment where corruption, high handedness and abuse of authority prevails and instills growing fears in the hearts and minds of our young working men and women, the youth of this nation and the new generation, then we risk creating a generational gap and may fail to propagate this gift of freedom to our children and to our future. This to me is very unlikely because of the level of awareness that is currently widespread among the educated, enlightened and bright minds that serve as the wheels, the engine, the fuel and the driving force of this nation. 

          On a broader economic context, capitalism has its cycles, and just as they did during the great depression, the Americans of today will face and overcome this test with the strength of our Spirit. They will never fail to surge this nation forward and this ' Ideal of Freedom' is certainly somewhat of an untainted divine gift that serves as their God given right to continue to face their fears, problems and strive forward into a future filled with socio-economic and cultural evolution, opportunities to growth and prosperity for all, and the many countless gifts that come with carrying the ideal of Freedom in your heart. The Spirit of freedom will never fail those who have placed their trust in it. That's what it takes to be an American. This, my opinion, is the Truth that I have had to live with, the Truth that I have observed and the Truth that I continue to study. 

        It doesn't matter where you're from or where you're going, this sense of freedom will stick and stay with your Soul no matter what. As they say Freedom isn't free but it is worth so much more than all the gold in the world, and we treasure it with all our hearts and all our lives.

     Many thanks to my friend Princess Erika de Krutova and her friends for providing such an insightful and eye opening discussion. I hope, pray and wish everyone the best of what the Spirit of freedom has to offer and give to all its children.

Love, Peace, Freedom, Best Wishes & Blessings to You All,

Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty & Freedom

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty & Freedom

This is a response to a post by published here,

"Unsubstantiated political attacks. Whether they come from the left or the right, they drive news headlines and media coverage away from the issues that really matter. Frank Bruni had a great take on this in yesterday's The New York Times:

"DO one tribe’s antics justify the other’s? Is this a road we really want to continue barreling down? We’re already on it, thanks in part to a presidential contest in which each candidate’s main pitch — I’m not half as awful as the other guy — points everything in a negative direction.

The new shape of the news-media universe doesn’t help. Balkanized into micro-niches where partisans can have their passions stoked and prejudices reinforced, it gives reckless allegations many places to land and even stick before they get a sober look. Those allegations are intended and tailored to rally the troops, who are believed to care more about truculence than truthfulness. The ends justify the Reid."

As written here, "FOR the dwindling few out there who still believe that big accusations require a little foundation and that truth — as opposed to conjecture — matters, here’s an update: "....

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." ~ Patrick Henry

                       >>Unfortunately the NY times is no different. Try through any channel or proxy to confront them on their not so widely known media strategies and bias, and they'll ask you to go take a hike, ( If you care to focus on the root of things that matter the most or about the unbiased Truth this is what you'll get from the likes of them -> "A little advice for the overburdened and over connected. Go Take a hike." )

“May the Spirit of Truth & Freedom live on. May the alert and the watchful divinities guard thee, may he that sleeps not and nods not guard thee, may he that protects and is vigilant guard thee” ~ Atharva Veda

 P.S ~ They are all.. mostly sold out, well fed and corporate controlled by groups and financial entities, becoming mere instruments of manipulation and propaganda. I pity and feel sorry for the people who take them seriously and spend their lives, their precious time and energy getting distracted by what is put out there. When it comes to certain key issues there is very little in terms of news, Truth or journalistic ethics here. One may safely treat them as a source of entertainment and senseless intellectual junk. 

              I personally feel that given such a circumstance and trend a wise man follows the news in America only to mostly keep track of the tactics, agendas, strategies and games being played. Always try to do your own independent thinking and research, get to the source of all things and make it a habit to take a dig and question the absolute authenticity of anything you come across. The great advantage we have today is that unlike ever before social media presents unbreakable social circles and trusted networks for individuals... these and the chain reactions they generate seem to be posing a serious challenge. Social media, personal circles and word of mouth enables people to over ride and cut through all of the gibber and bs* faster than ever before.

In your pursuit of the Truth stay vigilant, raise your guard and learn the Art of letting the works of all things trivial and corrupt go through one ear and out the other.


~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

“Justice does not help those who slumber but helps only those who are vigilant.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

Love Guides Humanity, and the Forsaken do not Know of Love

This is a comment to a post on my fb timeline,

"Espero que te guste el chiste!
Spanish for ~ I hope you like the joke

Advisory: Warning sexually explicit content on this link,  "

( It's some stuff about Life, camels, nuns, priests, deserts and coitus)

To be very honest and frank, here's how I really feel,

                  Hey Rosa, Reminds me of the hundreds of occasions I've been flashed by girls in public, some of my friends say I'm horribly lucky, I think there is something horribly imbalanced and dysfunctional between the sexes here. "Welcome to LIFE", I guess..... ;)

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. ~ Max Muller
Just a little trivia and a not so sexual joke from my end,

For Your Kind Information: Probably you might have noticed my name is "Jai Krishna". In India they have always for millenniums had this complex system of ideas revolving around class, selective breeding, genetics and caste. Among the Warriors and Royal sects within Indian society, they have a very old hymn or ancient tenet that goes something like this-> " A distracted man is a dead man", followed by " When you engage in this battle called Life you do so fiercely and devotedly with all your Heart and all your Soul regardless of whether your limbs fail or they get slayed apart, you carry on fighting the good fight as long as your head is in its place.”  

               The union of a man and a woman, both physical and spiritual is brought to life and revered as something powerfully sacred. Some of the marriage rituals and ceremonies are just as complex, unnervingly real and spiritually engaging. These type of men and women share in a very strong bond that is emotional, spiritual and at the same time full of prescribed worldly duties, commitments, good faith and vows such as fidelity.

                     Let me give you two examples: Consider a man, regardless of what ever stage or circumstances he may be in within his life, if he can't control his senses, his mind, his thoughts, his actions, his behavior, he will eventually find himself in a personal struggle to harness, cope with or even try and discipline his character. Then given this circumstance such a person may lust after things in life, like the numerous men you perhaps see on a daily basis who gawk at a Woman's body. Can you imagine how easy it is to control and manipulate and enslave such a lustful person filled with such desires. You can smell desire with a pure heart from thousands of miles away especially when it is the lustful urge for things such as money, power and pleasure. On a spiritual level it is a very dehumanizing and disempowering thing that brings a man down to the level of the very base within nature and makes him more or less comparable to a brute, a beast or any other animal. Lust distracts, then it disarms a Soul and then it binds and consumes it. What difference does it make whether a chain is made of gold or iron? It simply ties one down and enslaves.
                      Another example is that of a King who hires weak minded and senseless soldiers. So when the enemies in the form of sensual objects, passions and pleasures attacks the body in the form of the palace they can distract the weakened and unguarded senses in the form of the lustful soldiers and enter, infiltrate and take out the Soul, that is the King. 

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. 
~Thomas Carlyle

On a personal note I have rarely seen men in my caste and community or myself get remotely carried away or distracted or even perceive or look at women this way. The test is often a hopeless and miserable failure for cupid and his arrows; he has no choice but to give up even if it is in the dead pan heat of a desert. The idea is to find your partner or Soul mate, evolve in a reasonable, intelligent, purifying, fruitful and meaningful relationship and grow and cement that trust through vows of fidelity, sacred union and marriage. This is what I understand by Mankind, He or She who is capable and blessed with the ability to create and control His/Her destiny. I also understand the lesser-Kind of men and women, who are distracted, controlled and regulated by circumstances and the seasons and in turn at times are more or less dominated, harnessed and helped or herded by those who are a step closer to their higher Human Natures.

P.S ~ Unfortunately things such as bestiality and other unnatural, oppressive and exploitative sexual acts such as pedophilia and incest are not fictional subjects that belong just to jokes and pornography, it is very real, disgraceful, disturbing, violating and damaging to its victims and the rest of us who live in its presence.
It is strange how the only little skeletal forms of regulative principles, civility and humanity that remain here in the West are being attacked and eroded exposing children and the rest of the young and maturing to mindlessness and vicious circumstances and ideologies that promote their degradation and increase the likelihood of their abuse and victimization in one form or the other.  Good Luck, I pity the poor Souls, their lack of a Humane rather than a superficially Human family. May they find some hope in their dreams and some respite from this present desert in their sleep.

And Always Remember, those hymns those ancient Warriors carried close to their hearts during the heat of the battle,

 >> "A Distracted Man is a Dead Man....." << 

I have only ever shared this with male friends who I've felt have the promise and potential to better themselves. Otherwise people here mostly rely on what their collective taxes and law enforcement can afford them to call upon the services of real men who put their lives in the line for them. It is sad how the Role of Men, Character building, Social responsibilities and Self Improvement have become trivial options with such pervading immorality and this baffling attitude.

Blessings & Best Regards.
Jai Krishna Ponnappan