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Unchain the European Union

       I usually refrain from commenting or expressing my views about this. But as a personal principle I strongly oppose all forms of binding and depleting dependencies/ instruments of enslavement... The EU has had too much of this senseless incompetence. So here we go, this is in response to a post on Debating Europe ( via their Social Media Page )

The Original Post,

" State of the Union: President Barroso comes out in strong support of ECB President Mario Draghi’s move towards ‘unlimited’ bond buying and gets the biggest applause of the morning. What do YOU think?


~ The entire address is available in the video link at the bottom of their page.

The avoidable skepticism and crisis within the EU is owed primarily to the incompetence of some of its leaders and their inability to refrain from facilitating draining and parasitic economics.

 "They may say they are acting within the ECB's mandate but are they really acting to ensure the stability of the Euro? They are undermining and clearly exposing the capacity of member nations and their leaders to resolve the crisis at the earliest by doing what ever is necessary to initiate urgent reforms. This move is nothing but yet another incautious, conditional and risky leap of faith. It is really disappointing how they have exposed their inability to work with governments to ensure and guide an all crucial reform agenda.

P.S ~ Their cause for applause comes with strings attached. They are poised to enter into a vicious and self perpetuating addiction to the central bank while complacently stagnating their economies."


Jai Krishna Ponnappan

P.S ~ I wish I had the time to debate this but yes this is just the beginning of what I really hope digging down to the root of this crisis should look like..... at least in the coming future.