A Comment from an Equipoised and Reasonable Centralist: How Liberals and Conservatives Write About Religion

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Usually my comments don't last very long on social media. They have a mind of their own and often strike deep and hard at the root of all things false. So I'm blogging and making a note of it :)

“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” – Lord Byron 

What do YOU think? Does the freedom of people depend on their ability to reason?


Freedom from ??? 
Please help, this young Man needs some clarity and insight :)

No matter how wise we may think we are, those who accept their fallibility are far from fools, they are perhaps the only handful that can and may be considered remotely wise and capable of significance and intelligence. Life does not come with a promise of Liberation nor a state of Liberty. How little is the line of difference..What separates Men from Magnificent Dinosaurs. What difference does it make whether you are reasonable, irrational, a bigot, a fool or a slave if you have not known and accepted your own fallibility and the fragility of this experience called Life. Forget being anything else just try being humble. Give Humility a chance. Explore and experiment with it. It might just save the day.

If You Wish to write or argue or reason well and effectively, here are a few tips and guidelines for people of all understandings,

~ How Liberals and Conservatives Write About Religion ~

How to be a Successful Religious Affairs Journalist

"Whether you read The Guardian, The Telegraph, New Statesman or The Catholic Herald, you’re bound to stumble upon a hefty smattering of religious affairs journalism. 

Whatever your belief, or lack of belief, chances are you enjoy keeping up to date with religious affairs. It may be to keep abreast of events within your own faith, or perhaps to just follow the farcical antics of other religions.

Regardless of your pre-existing viewpoint, you won’t have too much of a problem finding a piece of journalism that is conveniently tailored to your way of thinking. Indeed many recent news articles regarding the ordination of women bishops, catholic child abuse or legislation for gay marriage were spun to fit a particular point of view by the simple selection of the appropriate vernacular.

For those entrepreneurial journalists wishing to cover all bases and therefore maximize their reach, this could require rewriting each piece to tailor the language for each demographic.

In order to solve this problem I have customised the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word to enable generic religious news stories to be either liberalised or conservatised to suit the target audience. The AutoCorrect function simply searches for predefined strings within the text and automatically replaces the string with the designated replacement string.

In order to liberalise your religious article, pull down the Tools menu in MS Word and select AutoCorrect. Then simply set up the function as shown in the screenshot below:

And this is what shows up for liberals,

Using Technology to Save the World One Tool..sorry...One screen shot at a time

  All the trade secrets on how religion writers — depending on whether they’re liberal or conservative — edit their articles.
They just go to Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect feature. This is what shows up for conservatives:"

P.S ~ Avoid being swayed by extremes. Try Staying Down to Earth & Centered. It can be beautiful, peaceful, blissful and It's definitely not that hard.

Best Wishes & Regards, Jai Krishna Ponnappan:)