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Rich America ~ A Rich Idea Indeed. Does it Still Stand a Fighting Chance

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"Do you think the wealthy should pay more tax? Share your views "

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The Fruits of your Dreams Come Alive and Emerge Only through Toil and Labor
" We often hear of wealthy Americans investing overseas. Now, if we increase taxes for them we will start hearing of how they're either moving out altogether, forfeiting their citizenship or finding new loop holes and havens in ways the average person can never possibly fathom. Taxes hurt most of us, just think of what exactly are we paying for: Mismanaged funds? Wastage? Unwanted Excesses? Irrelevant policies and needless programs? Interventions that burn more of our hard earned money than anything else? If you cut taxes, you make it easier for the average enterprise, the smallest of contractors and subcontractors to breathe, stay alive and compete. By increasing the tax burden you put a weight on communities, businesses and the people of this Nation unlike anything they're used to bearing. This was never a Socialist Nation with a big government that needs loads of your money in taxes just to stay operational and then still manage to build these massive debts. It was a Nation where Free enterprises thrived and businesses supported other businesses and everyone else. Investors stop investing not because they started searching for tax havens and new and more promising opportunities overseas but because we fell behind at some point, all our fancy corporate upper management folks mismanaged and threw away the trust placed on them. Our education system has been dealt a sad and unfortunate blow that has necessitated the need for a highly skilled work force to be migrated in from abroad. There has been such poor planning and neglect when it comes to such things. We are seeing political deadlocks and even a needless crisis emerge like never before. To top it all of just observing and examining our health care system, some of its unethical practices that cater more to profiteering than saving lives explains just how many Americans chose to take and take without ever giving back or contributing to raising the bar for this Nation, its communities and people. Individuals and businesses ought to take pride in their work and strive to be the best of the best, there always has to be an ever ready and alive intent to compete. Only then will you get to see the fear disappear, the trust grow back and the funds flying in from every little tax haven that's out there. You can't fight with the choices the rich have but you can definitely work with them if you are sensible and open minded enough to understand how the global market place and economy functions.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

The "Right Level of Taxation", An illusion in the Eye of the Beholder

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" JFK was obviously an idiot.

God Bless JFK. God Bless America.


        The "right" level of taxation, if there is such a thing, is often purely so, only in the eye of the beholder. The most prominently stated reasons for tax reform are either wrong or dangerously oversimplified. The lower tax rate offsets taxes paid at the corporate level, encourages risk taking, investments and entrepreneurship, offsets the effects of inflation, and prevents "lock-in". 

P.S ~ So you think being allegedly 'idiotic' is why great and celebrated Leaders such as him have sadly had to pay with their priceless lives. Regardless of such tragic Truths, this will always remain a Free country, striving to remain free without the social burdens of excessive taxation on the one end and debt slavery on the other. Watch the republicans if they succeed in the coming weeks and many of these naysayers avoiding the obvious and the practical will probably choose to swallow  these baseless ideas that are against lowered tax rates. 

              The best way to reduce poverty is through stronger economic growth. Growth means more jobs, which is a surefire instrument in the fight against poverty and a painfully slow recovery. Building a strong economy means keeping taxes and government spending low.  For example, when a state has a low tax burden, economic growth is stronger. Economic growth delivers more job creation and higher per capita and higher median family incomes. Economic growth is always a powerful means to encourage and pull people and extract whole communities and local economies out of poverty. Although some policymakers seem understandably deluded and misguided in trying to justify high taxes for the sake of the poor, the higher taxes and related spending do little to reduce poverty rates. Rather it is proven and clear to see that states with healthier, investor friendly and more welcoming economic climates fair better and have much more success in lifting people out of poverty. 

             The socio-economic causes and circumstances of, and solutions to, poverty are very complex and numerous indeed, but one policy is clear: Low tax rates are a significant factor in achieving the universal goal of poverty reduction whilst simultaneously facilitating economic recovery and stimulating growth.


Jai Krishna Ponnappan