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So You Like Yoga, Do You know What it is ? Good. Now Leave it Alone

           I have heard stories of why people stopped subscribing from
This is a comment in response to a cute, funny, amusing and ridiculous post on their social media page,

" Welcome to the Health Ranger's yoga class. Today's first pose is DOWNWARD DOG!

At least Yogi Dog is having fun and doing better than my Culture.



         Perhaps Downward Doggy Yoga was meant to be.... cute after all. When I last checked as per the untold history recorded by the Vedics and their Vedantis, Yoga was something strange, alien, something poorly recorded or understood. It was something treasured but hopelessly obscure practiced by a foreign Sabhya(civilized) sect of nomadic warriors who were exploring and gradually colonizing the Gangetic plains. They practiced these rituals along with 23 other parallel spiritual practices and philosophies in order to maintain, commune or commence uniting with God alongside performing all the other Karmas expected on the battle field and Life. Yoga is meant only for those who have already attained and entered into eternal super consciousness and that seek the permanence of Liberation and Love. A real man can't help but appreciate, adore and Love little children and the infantile who seek such spiritual goals as salvation from which one can still easily fall but he has no choice but to sympathize and set aside pity and grief for all those that fall and continue to fall like a lump of clay sinking to the bottom of a deep and dark well. It is important to note that it's cute, inane and easy to mock or trivialize something you'll never understand but it has been painfully hard for native cultures and many suppressed Human families to go underground and protect their identities, heritage and bodies of knowledge from the hate true of the ignorant and cruel at heart. Dear, As a kind suggestion, You don't practice Yoga for yourself, you are never alone in Yoga, and if you do or your dog does then give it another name. I don't understand why, just as many others have observed before, your Authors and staff seem to stubbornly mix the Sciences so clearly limited and defined in scope with such endless surpluses of deliberate and negative emotions, apparently aimed for your pleasure, recreation and entertainment. 

P.S ~ Time and again many of the men in my family have often advised and repeatedly warned and discouraged me from having anything to do with a public life or a profession that requires or demands any such thing. For hundreds of years now Native Eurasian cultures and people have been either admixed, suppressed, targeted, terminated  or virtually annihilated. I was surprised to have come to learn, discover and know of just how many such groups even like the Celts fled to the Americas just to escape the tyranny that labels them in  such a dehumanizing way. It is such a shame to know that secrecy is all they'll know as a refuge. Going underground gave them peace and hope. After all the Yogi's and Yoga in it self has been downgraded and condemned to the Dogs of this world, including shameless and fearless ones such as myself who could possibly give nothing more to you than these few lines in the hope that it may educate and enlighten you and bring you a step closer to such Truths as Love but more importantly a step removed and away from such things as hate.

Dogs are a Man's best friend indeed. They are also far better and more pure than most Human Souls will ever be. To all the Spiritual and the Yogis out there, you'll do very well to stay unflinching and away from the fanatical bigots and organised atheists of this world. Don't let the dogged distraction/adversities they create and their actions present ever faze or bother you.

May God Bless All Men condemned to living suppressed lives under such false and hateful labels.  

Jai Krishna Ponnappan