Prime-time in No Time Politics !

         This is a comment in response to a post seen on United Nations For a Free Tibet,

"When Michele spoke, China was listening:
one said: “I’m not an American, so why, when I’ve finished listening to this speech, do I have such an urge to cry?”


         It's always very important to understand why you can put the Huffington post (its corporate owners), the DNC(some of its leaders) and the Communist Regime all in one basket without bringing the oppressed People of China into the picture. The regime has proved time and again, and knows all too well how to take down sites or censor the internet when needed, they are also just as good when it comes to pushing and promoting news and propaganda to impress sentiments that are in their best interest. That said the President here has faced obstacles mostly of a political nature and otherwise, these are beyond merely challenging. A lot of people here can share and relate to everything said in her speech and the President is just as deserving and likable when it comes down to that. But governance and politics in America is so much more than just what is within the capacity of one man even if it is the President. I wish all of the hopefuls well. The coming few months promises to be very interesting indeed.

Best Regards,

Jai Krishna Ponnappan