Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty & Freedom

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty & Freedom

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"Unsubstantiated political attacks. Whether they come from the left or the right, they drive news headlines and media coverage away from the issues that really matter. Frank Bruni had a great take on this in yesterday's The New York Times:

"DO one tribe’s antics justify the other’s? Is this a road we really want to continue barreling down? We’re already on it, thanks in part to a presidential contest in which each candidate’s main pitch — I’m not half as awful as the other guy — points everything in a negative direction.

The new shape of the news-media universe doesn’t help. Balkanized into micro-niches where partisans can have their passions stoked and prejudices reinforced, it gives reckless allegations many places to land and even stick before they get a sober look. Those allegations are intended and tailored to rally the troops, who are believed to care more about truculence than truthfulness. The ends justify the Reid."

As written here, "FOR the dwindling few out there who still believe that big accusations require a little foundation and that truth — as opposed to conjecture — matters, here’s an update: "....

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." ~ Patrick Henry

                       >>Unfortunately the NY times is no different. Try through any channel or proxy to confront them on their not so widely known media strategies and bias, and they'll ask you to go take a hike, ( If you care to focus on the root of things that matter the most or about the unbiased Truth this is what you'll get from the likes of them -> "A little advice for the overburdened and over connected. Go Take a hike." )

“May the Spirit of Truth & Freedom live on. May the alert and the watchful divinities guard thee, may he that sleeps not and nods not guard thee, may he that protects and is vigilant guard thee” ~ Atharva Veda

 P.S ~ They are all.. mostly sold out, well fed and corporate controlled by groups and financial entities, becoming mere instruments of manipulation and propaganda. I pity and feel sorry for the people who take them seriously and spend their lives, their precious time and energy getting distracted by what is put out there. When it comes to certain key issues there is very little in terms of news, Truth or journalistic ethics here. One may safely treat them as a source of entertainment and senseless intellectual junk. 

              I personally feel that given such a circumstance and trend a wise man follows the news in America only to mostly keep track of the tactics, agendas, strategies and games being played. Always try to do your own independent thinking and research, get to the source of all things and make it a habit to take a dig and question the absolute authenticity of anything you come across. The great advantage we have today is that unlike ever before social media presents unbreakable social circles and trusted networks for individuals... these and the chain reactions they generate seem to be posing a serious challenge. Social media, personal circles and word of mouth enables people to over ride and cut through all of the gibber and bs* faster than ever before.

In your pursuit of the Truth stay vigilant, raise your guard and learn the Art of letting the works of all things trivial and corrupt go through one ear and out the other.


~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

“Justice does not help those who slumber but helps only those who are vigilant.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi