Second Wave Of Feminism

The initial wave of feminist movement was marked by battles to obtain legal, economic, social, and intellectual respect for women. 

The second wave may be seen of as an attempt to address those elements of women's oppression that are left unaddressed after legal, economic, and intellectual equality has been achieved. 

  • This includes, in part, improving our understanding of equality, but it also includes women's physical experiences in culture and society. 
  • Changing the rules that prevent women from joining the employment does not necessarily result in a change in how women are treated once they are there. 
  • Women's full citizenship rights, including the ability to vote, do not necessarily imply that their concerns will be acknowledged or that they will be regarded seriously as political actors. 

Second wave feminism adds an analysis of oppression that includes understandings of the body, morality, subjectivity, and identity, allowing for new ways to analyze and fight oppression as well as new criteria for liberation.

Here, I cover each ongoing, and notable aspect of the Second Wave of Feminism (Click through to learn in detail):

    1. The Second Sex?
    2. Gender Vs Sex
    3. Sisterhood
    4. Identity Politics
    5. Race And Social Status
    6. Public Vs. Private - Personal Politics
    7. Psychological Oppression Of Women
    8. Ethics In A Feminist Context
    9. Caring Ethics
    10. Lesbian Morals
    11. Female Embodiment
    12. Overcoming Religion, Myth And Control
    13. Epistemology From A Female Vantage.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

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